Mr. Sam Sopanharith


Mr. Sam Sopanharith received his BA in English literature from The
University of Cambodia (UC) in 2013. Currently he is a Civil Servant
in charge of Sub-national State Property Management at Ministry of Interior.
Prior to this, he was a reporter for Economic Today Magazine.

Mr. Sopanharith stated that:
“Without doubt, there were any inspirational lecturers with very notable subjects which grabbed my attention to learn from them. They are: Dr. Diep Sophal, Seng Ra, and Marilou D. Sierra. Of course, my life was inspirational and well-organized during my academic life at UC. I have learned to build the well-tightened relationship with my friends with helpfulness,
understanding and respectfulness.

The school had organized the varieties of programme which gave me a chance to get involved in as a performer or organizer. Just apart from it, the school had inspired me to penetrate to UC Student Senate which provided me other special experiences over administrative work, interpersonal skills, and problem solving skills. Inspired by UC Student Senate, I have my team with a very close relationship and love each other, and I have, as a result, received the precise values of “self-confidence, gratitude and respect.”

I am still keeping in touch with my fellows even though we are officiating at various workplaces. Sometimes, we have times together for the sake of information, experiences, and personal status update, sharing for fun.

In fact, I still keep in mind for some sweet memories from UC including volunteering activities, friendship and enjoyment. To me, I have engaged in performing, volunteering, organizing, leading and managing role with the student organization, especially in UC Student Senate. I have been advised and taught by advisors with the new experiences and allowed to meet the new range of people during volunteering in UCSS. In the meantime, I have also been a part of advisory aid for the next UCSS associated with organizing entertainment events and social work. Besides, one of the unforgettable memoirs is my performance in a role play and entertainment show in UC.”

“Don’t rely on vigour, devalue the work
Don’t rely on intelligence, forget trying”

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