Miss Hong Socheatta


Miss Hong Socheatta received her BA degree in Arts and Humanities, with a major in English Literature from The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2013. Currently is an Executive Secretary at Cogetel Limited (ONLINE). She received her first job working as an HR/Admin and Program Assistant at Wildlife Alliance.

Miss Hong Socheatta has mentioned that:
“UC has nurtured me in obtaining academic knowledge and profound understanding especially in preparing me towards my future career path. The key memories that I have with UC are the classroom activities, field trips, charity and fund raising events and the centralisd examinations.
For current UC students, it may seem hard to be in a classroom with strict policies but you will definitely realize the benefits of these after you graduate. Even though I was not an outstanding student in class, I would like to express my sincere heartfelt thanks to UC and all the lecturers who have shared their knowledge without any complaints and with humble guidance.”

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