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Miss Chhuon  Pagna received her BA in International Relations from The University of Cambodia (UC) in 2015. Currently she works as a Research Assistant/Translator at Singapore Embassy in Cambodia.
Prior to this, she was a Translator at Cambodian Television Network.

Miss Pagna stated that:
“UC teachers were inspiring, except that most of them focused more on the course books, assignments and exams rather than the progress of the students. To me, the teacher I found the most inspiring was Travis Mitchell. He paid more attention to students and was patient enough to explain the lessons all over again in case there were doubts. Another thing that made him stand out was that he brought new things to class. He included news reports, world map quizzes, and games to make learning more enjoyable.

I often still contact my friends for the sake of information/experience sharing and for fun. They are Thea Muykhim, Sok Chansy, Koy Kannika, Huot Kheang, Lim Arunremfa, and many more.

UC gave me the insight necessary for work-life ahead. Even students with the same major could not study with each other in all courses, but we could meet new students and lecturers who had different norms, expectations and life experiences. It is the same for being a worker where we need to meet and communicate with a broad range of people (our colleagues, our clients or work- partners) and make adjustments accordingly. That taught me how to adapt to different situations and people, although that also meant it was more difficult to find close friends due to the short periods of contact.

I think the advice I can give to current students is stop embracing the idea of studying as many majors as possible. Instead, go for one major and use your time wisely by joining as many extra-curricular activities as you can. This will give you opportunities to make friends, to explore yourself, and to add credit to your future academic and career performance, which I believe is worth more to your life than any additional certificate.

Finally, I hope that everyone works hard in every aspect of their lives. Although our efforts may not pay off immediately, at least this will demonstrate our positive attitudes and we won’t regret looking back.

PS: Live your life to the fullest. Study, make friends, travel and have fun.”

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  1. Mr.NIN says:

    your achievement is very great. Awesome~!
    I am in Master Class, not finish.
    Can I ask you something?
    My little brother in law want to test for Singapore Scholarship.
    What is the requirement for KH student?
    thanks for your kind reply.